Rome, avoids aggression of the former partner thanks to the anti-stalker bracelet: man arrested and taken to prison

A 37-year-old Roman she managed to escape to an assault from his side former partner, a 33-year-old, thanks to the bracelet “anti-stalker” that he always carries with him. The device consists of “a small device installed on the ankle of the person who has committed a crime, connected to an app on the victim’s mobile phone able to send an alarm in case the warned person gets too close to the person who reported him “, as explained by the Councilor for Equal Opportunities of the Municipality of Rome Monica Lucarelli, intervened on the case. The man, who had broken one precautionary measure that forbade him to approach the woman, it was arrested by the carabinieri of the station of Roma Settecamini on charges of stalking. The woman had agreed to use the device after the repeated violence suffered during the relationship with the ex partner had led to various complaints, who had ended their relationship.

The man had therefore been subjected by the judge for preliminary investigations (Gip) of the Court of Rome, al no approach to the former partner, a precautionary measure which requires the attacker to wear an electronic bracelet. The woman then agreed to wear another particular bracelet, called “anti-stalker”, which rings in the event that the person prohibited from approaching should break it. Event which occurred on the evening of January 14, when the woman, at the end of her shift, he heard his device ring. He understood then that he was in danger, and actually her ex was waiting for her outside the shop, violating the ban.

Then he immediately alerted the single emergency number (112), asking for the help of law enforcement agents, for their part already notified to the operations center of the Tivoli company of a violation thanks to their electronic device. So the military, arrived on the spot, have identified thanks to the woman the man who, according to reportsAnsa, he didn’t seem to have good intentions. Once he found out, in fact, he started threaten the woman and was then arrested and led to prison pending further decisions by the judicial authorities of the capital.

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