Rome, a Nazi flag on the coffin of the Forza Nuova militant: investigate the Digos. The diocese of Rome: “Horrendous symbol”

A coffin covered by the Nazi flag outside the church of Saint Lucia, on the Clodia ring road, surrounded by a crowd of people with outstretched arms shouting “Present!”When one of them calls the name of the deceased. The video released online that immortalizes the funeral of Alessia Augello called “Tugsy” – a 44-year-old Forza Nuova militant – is the subject of an investigation by the Digos of Rome, which is identifying the participants in the grotesque black demonstration held on Monday. As far as we know, various exponents of theextreme right of the capital. And in a post published on Facebook, the parish itself distances itself: “Unfortunately, what happened outside the church at the end of the celebration happened without any authorization on the part of the parish priest or the celebrating priest, both of whom were unaware of what was about to happen ”, reads the message signed by“ Don Alessandro, Don Paolo Emilio and the whole parish priestly community ”. “In this regard we intend to express our deep sadness, disappointment and disappointment for what has occurred by distancing ourselves from every word, gesture and symbol used, attributable to extremist ideologies far from the message of the Gospel ”.

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The next day, a note from the incident also arrived to condemn the episode diocese of Rome led by Pope Francis: the vicariate “firmly deplores what happened yesterday, in front of the parish of Santa Lucia, completely without the knowledge of the parish priest Don Alessandro Zenobbi and all the parish clergy, at the end of the celebration of a funeral ”, we read. The flag with the swastika, writes the diocese, is a “hideous symbol irreconcilable with Christianity “:” The exploitation ideological and violent, even more that following an act of worship and in the vicinity of a sacred place, remains serious for the ecclesial community of Rome and for all men of good will in our city, offensive and unacceptable“. And he specifies that the funeral had taken place “without any sign or manifestation that would foretell what happened immediately after”. “The diocese of Rome, in its many ecclesial components, has been working for some time with dedication to train, educate and thus deactivate all mechanisms of hatred, opposition, temptation violent, ideological e discriminatory“, Concludes the press release.

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