Romantic comedy movies that do not go out of style and you will love to see

We tell you about several romantic comedy movies that you can watch over and over again without getting tired of them, their stories are what you need to brighten up a free afternoon and even though they are not so recent, they are still very loved by fans.

There are a large number of films that you can see today, but if what you are looking for is a film that comforts your heart, that has a love story and that at the same time makes you laugh, then there is nothing like the teen movies of romantic comedy.

Between the films Of this style, there are some that left their mark among fans, because despite the fact that more than 10 years have passed since the premiere of several of them, they are still very popular, so it is as if their stories did not go out of style.

Below we will tell you about several of them, these movies bring together a teenage story, a dose of romance and lots of laughs, you may have already enjoyed some of these films, but you will never get tired of them.

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Youth movies that will make you laugh and fall in love with their love stories

Year: 2004

Starring: Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo

Jenna Rink wants to be beautiful and popular, she is a young student but she dreams of being like the models she sees in her favorite magazine or at least like one of ‘The Six’, the most popular group in her school. At her birthday party her best friend gives her a Barbie-style ‘Jenna’s dream house’ and pours out an envelope that promises to make her dreams come true, but when she wakes up she’s 30 and doesn’t remember anything about it. what happened.

Year: 2004

Starring: Hilary Duff and Chad Mitchell Murray

Sam Montgomery had a happy childhood with his father, then he got married but since he lost his life she lives doing everything her stepmother asks. Now Ella Sam is a college girl with a lot of work and few friends, but the school dance will give her a chance to meet the guy she’s been chatting with online.

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Year: 2006

Starring: Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep

Andrea Sachs is a college graduate who wants to become a journalist, but human resources sends her to a fashion magazine she knows absolutely nothing about. Miranda Priestly is the editor of said outlet and she is feared by everyone, but she hires Andy because she seems different from all the assistants who seemed passionate about fashion but disappointed her.

Year 2003

Starring: Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis

Anna Coleman is a high school student, she is not the most popular, she has a rock band with two other girls and the one who was her best friend now does not miss any opportunity to humiliate her. As if that were not enough, she feels that her mother (Dr. Coleman) hates her and according to her is ruining her life. What would happen if the two of them magically switched bodies?

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