Romantic Comedy Dramas to Enjoy for Free on Viki

One of the favorite genres of drama lovers are romantic comedies. Stories that always ease our hearts and make us laugh out loud. Viki has a great offer for this type of series, which you surely do not want to miss.

The dramas from romantic comedy they always produce happiness in the people who see them. Somehow or another, it is estimated that there will be a happy ending. At least during each chapter they give more than one smile. Are recommendations you will love them

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So if you have nothing to do and want to laugh for a while. These comedies will make your stomach ache with laughter. In addition to having interesting and attractive plots that will keep you attentive to each chapter.

Prepare your favorite snack and get comfortable, because these stories will not let you stop watching each of the chapters. Without a doubt, they are dramas that you will remember long after you have finished them and they could become your favorites.

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Dramas that will make you fall in love and laugh out loud

This story is about two childhood friends who meet again after a long time apart and begin to fight against their feelings, not knowing that it will be impossible to deny them. A Chinese drama about a lawyer who will take on the case of her childhood friend, a surgeon. A story full of funny and disastrous scenes.

A young man who can see ghosts begins to exorcise them to get money. He suddenly runs into a ghost he grows fond of and together, with the help of two paranormal fanatics, they open an exorcist agency. The quartet will be involved in funny situations and will begin to develop feelings between them.

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This drama is about a woman obsessed with her ex who begins to imagine him in all kinds of situations in her life. Though when she finally decides to move on and start dating other guys, she gets a new job where her ex is her co-worker. Will she fall for her charms again or will she be able to get over him this time?

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