Romance confirmed: Tom Holland showed his love to Zendaya with a photo and a tender comment

Tom Holland and Zendaya will screen-share again on December 17 when it hits theaters Spider-Man: No Way Home, where both are two of the most important faces of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, before they have managed to revolutionize social networks without having anything to do with the film, since a new photo would finish confirming their romance.

The young actors met on the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming and from there they struck up a great friendship, which was already beginning to generate some comments of a possible sentimental approach at the time, although there was no proof. Everything changed when the paparazzi cameras of Page Six they caught them kissing in a car. Remember the snapshots!

+ Tom Holland showed his love to Zendaya

The comments about their courtship did not stop coming, as well as leaks of them together that continued to assure it, as when they were seen at a wedding. It seems that it is time to leave the rumors behind and look to the future, since this Monday Tom Holland posted a photo of Zendaya on his official Instagram account with a sweet message. Look it here!

“Dune” and an emoji of a face with a crush expression was the description of the interpreter of Peter Parker in the MCU, to which the Euphoria actress responded with a sweet emoji of a glassy-eyed face. Between the two of us we added millions of fans around the world, so what was expected happened: they echoed the publication and went completely crazy after a new show of love.

Although they have never officially stated that they are dating, the leaks and these types of messages are the ones that end up confirming that they are in a relationship and are currently one of the public’s favorite youth romances. The truth is that little by little both are letting themselves be carried away by the networks with posts such as that of Tom for the birthday of zendaya and the time will come when the story is announced with a postcard together.

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