Romana Novais and Alok enjoy boating with their children

During the morning of this Friday (07/01) the DJ’s wife Alok, to doctor Romana Novais, used her Instagram to share some moments with her family, where they are enjoying the first Friday of the year. The couple and their children are taking a yacht trip with some friends.

“I love our times together so much,” she said in one of the shared clicks on her profile Stories. She even tried to take several pictures. “We tried,” explained Romana, who also posted a photo with her friends on the yacht.

Romana would not reveal where her family and friends are, writing “favorite and secret place” in the caption of one of the publications, creating an air of mystery.

At the end of December, Romana Novais surprised Giovanna, who is undergoing treatment for cancer, handing over a wig made from Alok’s hair.

Romana recorded on her Instagram the moment she went to a beauty salon to give Giovanna a gift. In the stories, the doctor says: “Gigi asked her mother for a wig for Christmas”, she said. Afterwards, she showed the wig made especially for the girl, in addition to recording the moment when Giovanna got the gift.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

Romana Novais
Photo: Playback / Instagram

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