Romain, a 28-year-old nurse, puts an end to his days: the pressure on caregivers would have been the last straw, “we did not see his gesture coming”

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Altruistic, empathetic, kind, attentive, reassuring… The expressions of sympathy have multiplied since the announcement of the unexpected death of Romain Audrit. The 28-year-old nurse committed suicide on November 22 in Spa.

If the young Spadois had already experienced its share of painful events, with the loss of his parents when he was a little boy, the death of a cancer patient last September, affected him a lot, explains Benjamin, one of his brothers. “Even if it was someone bruised, we did not see his gesture coming,” confides his boss in turn. “After giving too much in his first job, he suffered a burnout. Then he had finally regained confidence in the human being and in his own capacities as a nurse. “

>> But a great weakness remained with him: “The evolution of society worried him a lot”

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>> According to his colleagues, the constant pressure on the profession was the last straw: “This pressure on the nursing sector, it bothered him”

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