Roll on Sunday: Florent Pagny accompanied by his wife Azucena, their daughter Aël backstage

This November 21, 2021, France 2 is offering two new issues of Roll on Sunday and Roll on next Sunday. This week, Michel Drucker received a new palette of personalities to the delight of viewers.

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From 3:05 p.m., Florent Pagny came to sit on the red sofa. The singer was a guest as part of his “60 years tour” which will take place during the year 2022 and whose tickets are already on sale. He will be accompanied exceptionally by his wife Azucena Caamaño with whom he had two children: Inca (25 years old) and Aël (23 years old). The former model is now a renowned businesswoman in the cosmetics industry thanks to her brand, Rosazucena. Behind the scenes, the couple were supported by their daughter Aël who made the trip. Florent Pagny’s friend Calogero also responded to Michel Drucker’s invitation. He too is preparing to embark on a tour. He also recently announced very important dates such as this giant outdoor concert expected at the Zénith de Nancy in the summer of 2022.

In the second part, Roll on next Sunday, Michèle Bernier will come to promote Blood strokes, his new detective TV movie with David Kammenos, to discover Thursday, November 25 on TF1. David Kammenos is the new nugget of film and television after first embracing a modeling career. In 2001 he got his first role in Repetition where he shared the poster with Emmanuelle Béart. The films followed Empire of wolves, How beautiful you are!, The Transporter III by Luc Besson and The Lyonnais by Olivier Marchal.

As usual, Michel Drucker will also highlight the world of entertainment by receiving Gus The Illusionist. Revealed in France has an unbelievable talent in 2015, he will defend his magic show for which he has been performing since October. Jonathan Lambert will come on his side to talk about his new single on stage Rodolphe where he speaks for the first time of himself, of his family. Music will also be at the heart of the show with the presence of Vincent Niclo as well asAntoine. The one who became known in the 60s with the Elucubrations d’Antoine will talk about his new life spent mainly on boats to travel around the world. Finally, Radio France’s iconic sports voice, Jacques Vendroux, will promote his autobiography, On a misunderstanding through which he recounts his links with the heads of state, from General de Gaulle to Emmanuel Macron.

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