Rolins scare fans! What’s wrong with your face?

Filters are a good thing. But it must not be exaggerated with them, then you can also have a coat instead of a nice representative photo of the disgrace, as well as Dara Rolins. “I’m just looking at her to see if I drank a lot,” she was not spared by one of the watchers, who noticed that Rolins had an obviously deformed face and was not the only one. “It simply came to our notice then. Why are you doing this, you have a completely different face! Less is sometimes more, remember that, “another added unscrupulously.

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What do we have?



Actress Petra Nesvačilová finally spoke about how she is with men!

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Rolins doesn’t seem to have caught this! It’s a pity that this is a photo in which she presents her new perfume, which she also named after her beautiful daughter Laura. As you can see, the promotion didn’t help at all!

Dara Rolins: I’m celebrating Christmas on stages! The first will be with Matěj …

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