Rolins climbed nicely with the fans: That’s how it’s done

In the past, the situation around the singer Dary Rolins (48) was quite controversial. The vast majority of her social media followers included her in criticism. Too thin, too muscular, too much aesthetic adjustments. But in recent days, the card has been spinning and Rolins is very happy about it.

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Dara Rolins is shocked: She arrived at the gala evening in a luxurious tracksuit!

She started publishing more natural photos, she shows up without make-up, and her fans like that. That’s why her pictures are just full of praise. “Daro, you won’t stop time. I don’t know how many adjustments you have on your body, but I still consider you a woman who has nothing to be ashamed of. You’re a woman, as she should be. “ there was one comment from a fan. “You still look like a little girl, “ another fan joined.

The Rolins themselves make no secret of the fact that they will use some adjustment here and there. If it gives the woman confidence, she says there is nothing wrong with that. He also takes care of a healthy lifestyle and exercises.

Rolins seems to have fewer and fewer hackers, although there is still someone who likes to dig. But the singer already takes it easy.

Even the richest save: What did Dara Rolins refuse to give hundreds of thousands for this time?

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