Rodrigo Tapari lived a nightmare: his five-year-old nephew disappeared for several hours

Rodrigo Tapari He is one of the most prestigious voices in the tropical scene today. In addition to his remembered passage through “Burst”His new songs kept him current and he is highly requested by the cumbia public. However, in the last few hours he experienced a frightening moment after the disappearance for a few hours of his five-year-old nephew.

During a chat with “The Run Run of the Show” by HD Chroniclethe vocalist revealed the details of what happened in the early hours of Saturday. “The entire neighborhood in Monte Grande was mobilized. The baby still hasn’t spoken, It was something strange that happened because he looked for it in every corner of the house“, the artist began. In addition, he mentioned that a large search was carried out at the neighborhood level, with the police included.

According to what the drivers detailed, Antonellathe wife of Rodrigo Tapari, the production of the program was contacted in the middle of the night, around three in the morning. The minor’s parents had left and the child had stayed with his brothers, one of them of legal age. Nevertheless, He disappeared in his own home and could not be found for hours.

Rodrigo Tapari’s nephew was missing for several hours.

“About four in the morning, one of the police vehicles decided to enter the house again and found him lying on one of the beds that the police had already checked”followed Rodrigo Tapari with great surprise by what happened. Furthermore, she commented on her nephew, who was found while he was sleeping: “Maybe he hid and then got scared because everyone was looking for him and his mom was screaming desperately for help.”

The singer emphasized in the talk with “The Run Run of the Show” that the child still did not speak about what happened, so it is unknown what happened. “The whole neighborhood was around the house. The policeman saw a boy and asked if they had a son of the same age because he saw him sleepingthe ex told with surprise “Burst”. Luckily for his entire family, the situation remained a bad memory and the baby appeared a few hours later, safe, sound and in his own home.

Rodrigo Tapari’s family lived through very distressing hours.

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