Rodrigo Santoro talks about success abroad: "I didn’t go after an international career"

Rodrigo Santoro46 years old, talked about his success and his career abroad and told about the first opportunity he had, outside Brazil, in 2003. The actor is one of the biggest references of Brazilian artists in Hollywood.

talking to the WhoRodrigo recalls that there was no streaming at the time he started his acting career: “When I started, there was no streaming. I traveled abroad as a result of a Brazilian job. Contrary to what many think, I didn’t put a backpack in my back and went after an international career.”

“I was launching shattered april and I had opportunities abroad”, he said. He also takes the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of other artists such as Bruna Marquezine and Maria Fernanda Candido outside the country. “Today the market has opened up a lot, which is very important and good. We live in a more democratic period. Each actor is a process, but what I did and worked was always to focus on the people and on the project I was going to work on, regardless to be a job from here or abroad.”

Santoro continued: “So much so that I have never moved abroad. My vision is of a single road. I had the opportunity to work in the US, I have just returned from Spain, I have a project in Brazil that I cannot talk about. I continue to explore opportunities. I work where I have the opportunity, I don’t separate a career in Brazil and a career abroad. It’s the same path”. Currently, the actor can be seen in his latest project, which will be released in the second half, in the Spanish series Unlimitedfrom Amazon Prime.

Unlimited is the next project. He is a historical and special character. I play Fernão de Magalhães, whom I met a short time ago, and most people only know the surface of what he did. It was an incredible research process. I had a lot of time to work because it started before the pandemic. It’s a Spanish production. I’ve worked with amazing actors, including the La Casa de Papel, Alvaro Death. The most important thing is that a project that was thought of in a very large size.”

Rodrigo added: “The viewer will be surprised by Fernão’s story. He discovered what is called the Strait of Magellan, but his story goes far beyond that…. I was surprised and will surprise people. He is a character with very heavy weight, a very strong protagonist, unlike anything I’ve done.”

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