Rodrigo Santoro comments on the perrengue to play a character in Hollywood

Last Thursday (04/08), the actor Rodrigo Santoro used his Instagram to show how he was before having to shave to play the villain Xerxes for the movie “300”. “TBT straight from 2006, before Xerxes forced me to… Well, whoever saw the ‘podpah‘ knows what this story is,” Rodrigo said in the caption of the post. At the time, the artist was 31 years old.

For the podcast “PodPah”, the actor detailed about the recordings of the long and revealed that he had to undergo a total waxing. “Have you guys ever waxed? I shaved and I’ll tell you something: it hurt, but it hurt. A pain, man”, began the artist, exposing that it was one of the studio’s requirements for him to shoot the scenes.

He also stated: “And the producer said: ‘No, it’s written in the description – no hair. Bald, smooth, all over the body’. Then I got there, talked to the makeup artist. I was imagining a machine. She said: ‘Look , I advise you to shave, because, with shaving, it will take time to grow. If you shave, tomorrow you’ll have to shave again. It can irritate the skin and then we’ll have to put on makeup'”, explained Rodrigo .

The actor then followed the film’s production advice and booked an appointment at an American epilator. “I got there, she asked me, ‘Hot or cold?’ [cera quente ou cera fria]. I said: ‘whichever hurts the least’. She said: ‘hot’. Then, my brother, she took a wooden spatula, stirred it, it looks like honey, but there’s nothing about honey, there’s nothing sweet about it. She took the stuff and started spreading it,” she recalled.

Rodrigo Santoro also confesses that after undergoing waxing, he never wanted to shave again. “”I said: ‘Look, I’m not going to be able to shave, I’d rather we do it… really shave’. So I’d do that, get into a hot tub to open the pore there – and it was a pathetic scene – I’d put shaving cream in there and keep shaving myself. And I would shave my arm, I would shave my leg,” he said.

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