Rodrigo Sant’Anna and Thalita Carauta break off their relationship and unfollow each other on social media

Rodrigo Sant’Anna and Thalita Carautalongtime friends who were successful together in the extinct “Total Zorra”, broke off the relationship after 20 years. According to the newspaper “Extra”, this Thursday (17/11), the two actors no longer speak or follow each other on social networks.

Still according to the publication, the personal and professional breakup of Rodrigo and Thalita took both of their friends by surprise and, so far, many of them have no idea why the friendship ended.

The duo met when they weren’t famous yet and reached stardom during their participation in “Zorra Total”, when they played Valeria and Janete in the comedy. From then on, Rodrigo and Thalita scored several jobs on TV: while he became one of the biggest stars in the Multishowshe is one of the stars of “All the Flowers”soap opera Globoplay.

Rodrigo Sant’Anna and Thalita Carauta: covid and slowness

Last year, Rodrigo Sant’Anna was admitted to Hospital Vitória, in Rio de Janeiro, after being diagnosed with covid-19🇧🇷 He received the result of the exam that pointed out the disease on May 20.

According to the comedian’s husband at the time, screenwriter Junior Figueiredo, he is feeling well, but he went to the hospital as a precaution. “He is already at the end of the treatment. He is breathing normally and, probably today, tomorrow at the latest, he will be discharged. He was hospitalized as a precaution. It was recent, on the day the note came out”, he explained in a statement to the Who In this ocasion.

In April of this year, Tamirys O’hannagirlfriend of Thalita Carauta, remembered when she was called “sluggish” after the actress took the initiative to talk🇧🇷 The two met on the set of the series. Second call🇧🇷

Tamirys told Patrícia Kogut’s column in the newspaper The globe, about her partner, who currently lives: “She looked at me, sent a message. I thought: “My God. Calm. Is that it? Am I travelling? A woman like that coming to talk to me “. It was a flirt that came from her.”

“She sent a message, talked one day, the next… And she said: ‘Let’s go?’. And I: ‘Let’s go!’. Then she joked: ‘You’re too slow’, she recalled. of working on the series, in which she played Leandra: “It was incredible to have done “Segunda Chamada”. The series opened doors for me. I think I’m on “As Five” a lot because of “Second Call”. It was a strong role. Too bad that, with the pandemic, the episodes had to be cut a lot.”

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