Rodrigo Mussi must testify in court about the accident. Understand!

Rodrigo Mussi must testify in the São Paulo court about the accident suffered in March this year. According to information from G1, the judge in the case would like to know if the former BBB has clinical and psychological conditions to narrate what happened.

Recently, Kaique Reis, driver of the car involved in the accident was held liable for culpable bodily injury, when there is no intention to cause the accident, at the conclusion of the investigations by the civil police of SP. In a statement to the police, Rodrigo’s family even questioned some contradictions committed by the driver.

Also according to the portal, Judge Aparecida Angélica Correia asked for confidentiality and speed in delivering a report on Rodrigo’s health.

+ Rodrigo Mussi continues with intensive rehabilitation after discharge.

“I understand it is right to decree the secrecy of these records. The necessary notes are provided. The attachment of the expert report of the place of the facts, already requested by the Police Authority, is urgently covered. Clinics, in order to forward an updated medical report on the injuries suffered by Rodrigo Abrão de Carvalho Mussi Ivo, as well as on the treatment, possible sequels and, also, if the victim has clinical and psychological conditions to make statements about the facts”, he asked. .

Rodrigo Mussi’s brother asks respect to fans of the ex-BBB


Recently, Diogo Mussi used social networks to send a message to Rodrigo’s fans who were asking for photos of the ex-BBB still in the hospital.

“People need to have more sense before asking for images of my brother, who was extubated just over 15 days ago. If you really like Rodrigo, respect him! Rehabilitation takes time and is being very arduous for him, who strives daily to achieve the goal. More respect please,” he wrote.

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