Rodrigo Mussi appears with a bandaged head 6 months after the accident, explains why and says: ‘Impressed’

Six months after suffering a serious car accident, Rodrigo Mussi scared the fans when coming up with bandaged head in a hospital from Sao Paulo. But soon the former BBB calmed the followers and explained the reason for being bandaged. he if underwent an electroencephalogramin order to know how your brain has been behaving after the accident.

“Guys, it’s just a routine exam, okay? But it’s extremely important, here at Hospital das Clínicas. Look at how many threads! It’s a lot of threads on my head, I suffered a very serious head trauma”, explained the marketing manager using his Stories . Rodrigo had an accident on March 31 and soon had to undergo two surgeries.

The former BBB was sent to the ICU, where he needed to be sedated. He left the hospital almost a month later, on April 28th. The first time he spoke, he said it was “a miracle” for having survived – he was thrown out of the car in the collision and for not wearing a seat belt.

After the test, Rodrigo celebrated the result: “It was surprising. I really think it’s a miracle. It’s like I didn’t have the accident. I’m impressed”.

Former BBB Rodrigo Mussi paraded at SPFW after surviving an accident

Last week, the model crossed the São Paulo Fashion Week catwalk. On social media, the former BBB celebrated the opportunity and remembered the accident. “Who knew… 7 months after having almost my entire body broken, I walked the runway at the main fashion event in Brazil! Thanks SPFW and DePedro for this huge invitation!”, He stated.

“‘What doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t transform you'”, completed Rodrigo, target of Larissa Tomásia’s attack at a party.

Ex-BBB exposed mother’s lie by TV interview

The influencer spoke at the end of August after his mother, Mara Lúcia Abrão, told “Domingo Espetacular” that he would have been charged R$50,000 for him to study in Australia. 🇧🇷I would really like to come out here and say, yes, my mother was always there for me, and yes, she helped me when I went to Australia, but unfortunately it never happened“, he stated.

“If one day you want to redeem yourself from a mistake in life, do it based on the truth and with an open heart, assuming your mistakes. I would love to get on with my life and move on in peace, it hurts me too much to have to keep going back to the past in this very sensitive subject”, he continued.

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