Rodrigo Mussi and Gil do Vigor meet backstage at Mais Você

During the morning of this Thursday (23/06), the ex-BBB Rodrigo Mussi used the Stories of his Instagram to record a video with the also ex-BBB, Gil do Vigor. The two, who participated in the BBB 21 and BBB 22appeared together backstage on the show “More you“, gives TV Globo.

“Me grabbing him, he liked it, he loves it, just naughty,” Gil said jokingly during the video. “See you soon?” Mussi asked. “In a little while, we’re going to dance, see?”, replied the economist.

Rodrigo is slowly returning to his work routine after suffering a serious car accident at the end of March. He recently commented on what it was like to pass again by the place where the accident happened, where he almost lost his life.

“It was a mixture of sensations, because it came to my mind that people close to me would remember: ‘here was the place where Rodrigo had the accident and left’, but the truth is that I was the one who went through it and remembered the accident and I can say that I survived. I’m here to tell you that I’m grateful and I’m happy and that’s what I wanted to share”, said the former BBB.

Photo: Playback / Instagram

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