Rodrigo Hilbert shows a photo of his children fishing: “Did we fill the bucket?”

Rodrigo Hilbert posed next to her twin sons, João and Francisco, on social media when recalling a day of fishing with the two. The presenter shared a record, early this Thursday (17/11), when he enjoyed leisure time with the two.

“A day of fishing… #tbt did we fill the bucket?”, joked Hilbert in the caption of the publication, shared on his Instagram. In the image, the artist holds the fishing rods, while João and Francisco hold a huge bucket to catch the fish.

Recently, Rodrigo showed that he was giving mountain bike lessons to the twins and published photos of the two cycling on the rocks: “Here at home, there is already a lesson on mountain biking”, he said at the time.

Last year, Fernanda Lima spoke about being selective in friendships and said that she does not trust her husband, Rodrigo Hilbert, with secretsduring conversation with dani pepperoni and Pedroca Monteiroin the program “well together🇧🇷

When talking about friendships, Fernanda says she thinks that if a friend tells a secret of yours, it’s your fault: “When in doubt, don’t tell, because how can you demand that a friend of yours not tell anyone else?”. Dani asked: “But you don’t even tell Rodrigo?”. The presenter explains: “I don’t tell him anything, because he has a beer and tells everyone.”

On the show, they also talked about how toxic masculinity can affect men in friendships as well, and Rodrigo assured that he doesn’t usually open up to his friends, believing that this can make men feel alone:

“Masculinity is a kind of religion that makes us worship the God of bravery that lives in us, but that, deep down, only reinforces our loneliness. Sometimes we think we are being deep with a friend, but in the end we are not.” It’s getting deep,” he said.

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