Rodrigo Bueno’s son revealed that he received signs from his father: "There’s no chance it’s a coincidence"

Rodrigo Good passed away ago 22 years in a tragic car accident and has been missed terribly by both his fans and loved ones ever since. In this sense, his son Ramirowho is also dedicated to the artistic field, revealed that his father manages to leave signs on the earthly plane, something that keeps the singer present everywhere.

In dialogue with the driver Miter Live, John Etchegoyenthe heir to the quartet recounted the details of the appearance he had of his father: “I tell you that dad is present all the time and I can’t believe it. It happened to me a few days ago that I recorded my new video clip in the south zone and a boy approached me and told me that he wanted to listen to my art. He asked me where he could find my material and he told me that he came from the Rodrigo Bueno neighborhood and I told him ´what?´. There is no chance that the coincidence will happen. It can’t be, here’s my old man, I said”.

Ramiro Bueno remembered his father 22 years after his death.

It was presented and manifested that way. I let the kid be part of the video. This was two weeks ago, that is, nothing, very little. In fact, the video I recorded last week also happened to me that I was in a little bar and out of nowhere a hooked quartet of my old man starts to play and we were recording there. Dad is everywhere and is always present”, assured about the eternal bond he has with his father.

He is present in people and he makes himself present to me in that way. I try to give people the same joy and Today my dad is still present in the Argentine town. I will always be grateful to the people.” thanked.

Regarding these demonstrations, Ramiro added: These signs that I received generate love and joy in me always because otherwise I have to take it aside to throw myself down and ask myself the reason for certain things. I learned to be able to assimilate everything that comes from dad with a lot of love and that it be like fuel to be able to move forward.

And he closed on the emotions he faces on each anniversary that passes since the death of the artist: “It is impossible these days to be completely wellit becomes very difficult but, based on that, I get very sentimental and I try to take advantage of that when writing. Everything I carry inside, I can put it on a sheet and I can write lyrics that come from the depths, it’s great to take advantage of those situations.

Look what Ramiro Bueno said about the signs of “El Potro”!

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