Rod Contreras, the Mexican tiktoker who confessed to having falsified a COVID-19 test to attend MTV Miaw infected

Due to variants like Omicron, Delta and others, the cases of coronavirus All over the world they are increasing, causing human losses that many families regret, so this disease is not a game at all and it is already something that everyone has verified since the first quarantine in 2020 when almost no one could go out on the streets, already that there was that fear of getting infected.

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Almost two years later, it seems that there are still people who do not give due importance to this disease and risk playing with their health and that of others, being something normal that they win the criticism of public opinion, mainly in social networks. This is the case of Rod Contreras, a Mexican tiktoker who has made a revelation that has not gone down well with his fans.

And it is that this celebrity of social platforms made the decision to tell something that he did several months ago. It turns out that Contreras claimed that it was the MTV Miaw ceremony being infected with COVID-19 and falsified a test for it.

Rod Contreras said that he went to an awards show being infected with COVID-19 and falsifying a test with a negative result. (Photo: Rod Contreras / Instagram)

Rod Contreras falsified a COVID-19 test

In a live broadcast he made on his social networks, Rod Contreras, accompanied by a girl, reported that several months ago he went to the ceremony of the MTV Miaw being infected with COVID, which could be fatal to many other people who may have come into contact with it and become infected.
In addition to giving details of how he was infected and his audacity to go to the event while sick, he revealed that to try to enter that ceremony he presented a coronavirus test that he falsified with a negative result, although this would bring him almost immediate consequences.
The woman who accompanied the influencer in the middle of this transmission revealed that those in charge of the organization of the great event carried out discard tests to their guests, including Rod, and it was there that they discovered his lie. According to her, as punishment, MTV did not award an award to this young man.

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As expected, the fans and detractors of Rod Contreras expressed their discomfort with these statements, but most of all with those actions that could have brought serious consequences for other people.

And it is not known for sure if due to that falsification and presence in the MTV Miaw awards, other people were infected with coronavirus who, responsibly, went to fulfill their jobs and maintained the respective care so as not to put their health and their lives.

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Rodrigo Contreras He is a 22-year-old man born in Mexico who has become a celebrity on social networks, mainly on TikTok and Instagram, social platforms where he has accumulated millions of followers.

His fame on social media has been so much that, in gratitude, he got the TikTok logo tattooed on his wrist in May 2020, which was also the subject of a video on his YouTube account.

Rodrigo Contreras became famous on social media and now has millions of followers.  (Photo: Rod Contreras / Instagram).
Rodrigo Contreras became famous on social media and now has millions of followers. (Photo: Rod Contreras / Instagram).

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