Rocker from Olympics Petr Janda (79): THEY HAVE BEEN ABOUT EVERYTHING!

He went on a romantic trip with his family and his eyes remained for crying. Petra was robbed at the beginning when he bought a several-day metro ticket upon arrival. “A guy with a tag offered to buy them on his card and we’ll give it to him in cash. He took 190 euros and we found out that we only have tickets for one way by subway, “ Janda complained.

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Petr Janda brought out the beautiful Alice: Today I have a very high price!

“It simply came to our notice then. We were warned at the hotel against thefts of all kinds, “ described the leader of the Olympic group Aha !. “That’s why I’m putting things in the safe. But the documents disappeared on my way to the airport. I had everything in my wallet in the front pocket of my pants. She went terribly bad, I don’t understand how the thief did it “ Petr explained the situation.

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Robbed on the train

They took the train to the airport. But it was terribly charged. “Rozárka’s daughter didn’t get in, my blood stopped completely, so I hurriedly pulled her jacket from the platform to our car.” depicted Janda’s drama in the French capital. “There was a man with a suitcase in front of me, it had to be him. He blocked my way. Then a friend says she doesn’t have a cell phone. Well, I found out I didn’t have a scraper, “ the singer added devastatedly.

Petr Janda: 20 years old wedding shoes were put on Janeček’s celebration!

Citizen on a mobile phone

It saved him that he had a providently photographed citizen on his cell phone, which fortunately he had left. In EU countries, it is enough and will allow you to fly. “I’m really careful, Olympik and I have traveled the world, and you see, they’ll get you anyway. I don’t know what to advise people. Put your wallet on the chain and not have everything together. I told my wife Alice that she at least knew what to give me to Santa. A new wallet, “ added Janda.

He lost his passport in the washing machine

In 2015, Peter had a problem with documents for change in America. On tour with Olympik, he had his jacket washed and his passport in his pocket. At that time, the consulate helped him and the musician got a new one after three weeks so that he could fly home.

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