Rock Hudson Movies: The Best of the Hollywood Legend

Rock Hudson is still considered one of the greats from the dream factory. We want to give you a brief overview of his best films.

Rock Hudson was born in Illinois in 1925 and after high school served in the US Navy during World War II. Upon his return, Hudson first came into contact with the film industry and landed a role in the war film Fighter Pilots. The actor celebrated his greatest successes in the 50s and 60s, but later he was unable to build on them. Hudson wrote sad film history in 1985 – as the first Hollywood star to die as a result of his AIDS illness. In order to honor his acting achievements, we want to present you with the most important films by Rock Hudson.

“Winchester ’73” (1950)

Lin McAdam (James Stewart) wants his gun back. (© Universal)

In 1876, on National Day, there was a shooting contest in Dodge City. The main prize, the Winchester from 1873, is a limited-edition rifle that every shooter is keen on. Gunslinger Lin McAdam (James Stewart) wins against his mortal enemy Henry Brown (Stephen McNally) – but he steals the gun. Rock Hudson stars as Chief Young Bull in the classic Western.

“Gun in Hand” (1953)

Will Ben (Rock Hudson) be able to free Jennifer (Donna Reed)? (© Sony)

Actually, Civil War veteran Ben Warren (Rock Hudson) doesn’t want to know anything more about violence and bloodshed. But when his fiancee Jennifer (Donna Reed) is kidnapped by bandit Slayton (Philip Carey) during a stagecoach robbery, he and two allies go on the hunt. Because of his muscular build, Hudson was often cast in Western films. Here, too, he shines as a robust gunslinger.

“Giants” (1956)

Everything is still fine. (©Warner)

Jordan Benedict Jr. (Rock Hudson) and his rowdy sister Luz (Mercedes McCambridge) own vast tracts of land and lead a wealthy life. Then Jordan marries East Coast beauty Leslie (Elizabeth Taylor), who keeps fighting with Luz. Things get worse when loner Jett Rink (James Dean) inherits a small piece of land and finds oil. Hudson shines as a robust cattle farmer alongside James Dean – who plays his last role here.

“Written in the Wind” (1956)

Mitch (Rock Hudson) comes from a humble background. (© Universal)

The Hadley family of Texas made their fortunes from oil. But children Kyle (Robert Stack) and Marylee (Dorothy Malone) just can’t find their place in life. Kyle drinks and Marylee leads a volatile life because she could never get childhood friend Mitch (Rock Hudson). But then Kyle dies in a dramatic way. Hudson convinces here as a man from a poorer background.

“Flames Over Africa” ​​(1957)

Will the friends stick together? (©Warner)

During the colonial period, life in Kenya was marked by racial and class differences. But the friendship between Peter McKenzie (Rock Hudson) and Kimani (Sidney Poitier) can not harm. But the friends are put to the test when the gruesome Mau Mau riots break out. In the socially critical drama, Hudson convinces as a young man who desperately wants to do the right thing.

“Pillow Talk” (1959)

The joint connection means stress. (© Universal)

Interior designer Jan Morrow (Doris Day) and musician Brad Allen (Rock Hudson) have to share a telephone line. But it really bothers Jan that the charmer is constantly on the line. Eventually Brad begins to take an interest in Jan. Two years later, the two Hollywood legends once again convinced with their extraordinary chemistry in another romantic comedy in “A Pajama for Two”.

“Send Me No Flowers” (1964)

George (Rock Hudson) is already imagining the next illness. (© Universal)

Judy (Doris Day) has a hard time with her husband because George (Rock Hudson) is a hypochondriac. When he overhears a phone call from his doctor, from which he concludes that he is terminally ill, George prepares everything for the time after his death – and also looks for a new man for his wife. Hudson once again demonstrates his keen comedic talent opposite Doris Day in the turbulent comedy.

“The Man Who Lived Twice” (1966)

What will Arthur Hamilton (John Randolph) look like after surgery? (© Paramount)

Arthur Hamilton (John Randolph) is an aged, disillusioned banker. A call from his friend Charlie (Murray Hamilton), who he thought was dead, puts him in contact with a secret organization that surgically turns him into the young painter Tony Wilson (Rock Hudson). But he has no idea what consequences this transformation will have. Hudson shines here as a man whose memories slowly catch up with him.

Darling Lili (1970)

It crackles between Lili Smith (Julie Andrews) and William Larrabee (Rock Hudson). (© CIC)

British agent Lili Smith (Julie Andrews) spies for the Germans during World War I and is sent to France to track down US officer William Larrabee (Rock Hudson). But her assignment develops in an unforeseen direction – because she falls in love with William. In the mix of musical, drama and spy thriller, Hudson even proved his musical talent in the early 70s.

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