Rocío Moreno spoke in depth about her separation from Paulo Londra: "I hit rock bottom when …"

Paulo Londa Y Rocio Moreno They began their love story at the age of 17 in Córdoba Capital, when in 2015 they were still going to school. Since then they formed a bond that seemed indestructible when they also projected a family and eventually became parents of Isabela, whereas now in February they will also be for another girl.

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However, that love story came to an end. After several episodes that collapsed with her patience and generated her anguish, Rocío said enough and ended her bond with the artist and, now, she dared to tell about the ordeal she suffered at his side.

Isabela appears and they are happy, because we always had big family projects, especially him. She was born in July 2020, in the middle of the pandemic. We had a very big crisis, but he was sorry and he apologized to me, he made many promises, we bet on family and projects. I believed his promises and decided to bet“, began the influencer with Teleshow.

At the same time, situations that turned into crises began to appear. He began to go out more, to get together with friends. It’s not that I don’t want him to get together, the point is that I was absent from the house and each time I returned later or practically did not return home, and stayed at the parents’ house so that I would not see the schedules and how I returnedMoreno recalled.

At the same time, he expressed his fear for the pregnancy that he is going through and revealed that he was without the company of the interpreter of “Maybe”: “Once they left me hospitalized because my blood pressure did not drop, and I had recurring contractions, alone in the house, without having someone around to help me down the stairs. Now my family helps me with Isabela, but before I spent it alone because I was ashamed or did not want them to tell me: ‘What are you doing there?’”.

He woke up at 17 or 19, and passed by to drink mate from the parents: he was very little here. The first months of pregnancy you are very tired … and he, with friends. I remember one morning that I, decomposed, I asked him to come back to help me and he said he was calling to screw it up. I ended up playing with Isabela decomposed, and she appeared in the morning. I am not one of those people, as they told me about their family, that ‘as long as I have money and bread’ I don’t have to worry; I don’t want that for my daughters“He recalled of the distressing situation.

Rocío thought that the changes in behavior of her now ex-partner had to do with her environment. “Nobody says, ‘Don’t go out with friends.’ On the contrary! Nor: ‘Don’t be with your family.’ I liked going out, but I have a baby and there are things that one should not do because there are new responsibilities. I don’t stop seeing my friends, but at other times“.

The episode that made Rocío finish collapsing was when she found out that Paulo traveled to the United States by looking at social networks. “One Sunday he told me: ‘I plan to travel’, but there it was. She had already gone to Mina Clavero with friends and friends without warning, one weekend. But when I see that he was in Minnesota or I don’t know where … The messages I sent him did not reach him and a week later he contacted me and told me that he could not communicate due to a problem on his phone. But to upload stories he did …“, he manifested.

On the other hand, when Londra had not yet arrived in the country, she doubted that she would attend the birth of her second daughter. In this regard, he warned: “It wasn’t there before, when I needed it. It’s not something I hope for. Given the circumstances today I realize that many situations cannot be naturalized. I hit rock bottom when he went to the United States and found out on the networks. What I am experiencing is not good: it cannot be that I decompose and end up monitoring myself in the guards, with 17 pressure, due to lived circumstances caused by him or his family“.

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I don’t choose to live like this, not for myself, not for my daughters. Today I have feelings of anger and anguish … I am an explosion of feelings. I no longer know if I am interested in having that talk; surely we will have it: Today I say, for what? But we are going to have to have it for the sake of the girls. We are united in a relationship for life, but there is no longer us “, Hill.

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