Roborock S7: the robot vacuum cleaner is at a reduced price on Cdiscount!

It might be time for you to invest in a robot vacuum cleaner to save time on household chores. It will probably be your best purchase of the year, knowing that time is precious, this device will quickly become indispensable. The Roborock is one of the references of robot vacuum cleaners, for a complete cleaning of the floor. The Roborock S7 is usually offered at a price of 599 € but currently Cdiscount displays it at 509 €.

The connected robot vacuum cleaner: Roborock S7

The Roborock S7 is a versatile robot vacuum that vacuums as well as it cleans, designed for impeccable cleaning of the house. It is equipped with a 470 ml dust container that is easily removed and a HEPA filter. The sonic vibration mop is effective, the water tank is 300ml, it unclips quickly. The main brush adapts to all surfaces, the vacuum cleaner detects carpets. The device comes with its charging base is a mop, its power is 2500 Pa. Whether on hard floors, parquet floors, carpets or rugs, the suction is effective and even cat litter does not resist. It is possible to connect the device to WiFi by installing an application for voice control. The laser rangefinder makes it possible to perfectly map the space for precise navigation, obstacles are avoided.

Roborock S7 Highlights

The navigation system is well designed, the robot moves methodically through its environment starting with the corners and then inside the room. The suction is powerful, litter is removed on all types of surfaces, the mop base has sensors that detect carpets, and the S7 automatically lifts. The washing of the floor is impeccable, its vibration system is formidable, no task will resist your robot vacuum cleaner. The self-emptying station is very practical, this vacuum takes care of everything.

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