Roberto García Moritán spoke about his relationship with Benjamín Vicuña: "The most important are…"

The relationship between Pampita and Roberto Garcia Moritan is more than consolidated. Both were able to integrate their children into a new, much larger family, and it shows. During his time at “LAM”, Moritán gave details of family intimacy.

“There is something that we did not see and that is that he has a very good relationship with Vicuña… You were seen playing soccer and now for Father’s Day she greeted him. Although this good vibe was passing, why is it now notice more?“he asked Angel of Brito.

Caro doesn’t talk about Benjamin and I’m not going to, but the most important thing is the boys. All our decisions are conditioned to its”, replied the legislator.

Pampita Ardohain, on good terms with Benjamín Vicuña.

When asked if there was a good relationship between Pampita and Vicuña, Moritán replied: “I always saw that there was a very good relationship. It may be that it was more distant at the beginning, but the priorities were very well established. I feel very natural”.

The video of Roberto García Moritán talking about Benjamín Vicuña

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