Roberto Dipiazza, the Fi mayor of Trieste denies the harassment of the Alpine troops at the Rimini gathering: “Only appreciation, we are males”

The mayor of Trieste Roberto Dipiazza (Fi) not only defends the Alpine troops, but argues that inappropriate and insistent comments “are not violence”. The force player, guest of the local TV TeleQuattro, justified what happened at the Rimini gathering and belittled the more than 500 reports collected by feminists of Not one less. “Are we joking? One said: ‘They told me I have a nice pair of legs and I felt raped.’ When we see a beautiful girl pass by, what do we think? We are male. Are we joking? If she had told her ‘you have a nice c …’, what would she have done then? Long live the Alpine troops! Long live the Alpine troops! I would like to say to this person: Madam, look at that violence is something else ”. Phrases that are certainly not a surprise for the center-right. A few days earlier she had been the councilor of the Veneto Elena Donazzan (Fdi) to say that “if they whistle at me I’m happy”.

The case filled the newspapers throughout the week, especially after dozens of reports of groping, harassment and assaults filled the pages of the newspapers. Testimonies that, after the initial silence, were also taken into consideration by the political world. But not in a transversal way, as shown by Dipiazza. Also in these days a petition has been circulated on to ask for the stop of the gatherings, but at the moment the next one remains scheduled for 2023 and precisely in Friuli Venezia Giulia (in Udine). The Ana National Alpine Association and the whole parliamentary arc, from Lega to Pd, to the mayor of Gorizia, Rodolfo Ziberna, defended the appointment: punish the guilty but the Gathering will take place.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Trieste, in his fourth term, made a long speech in defense of the body. But above all he has belittled all the testimonies and reports which were also very detailed and all very similar to each other. Dipiazza argued that “there is appreciation, it is normal. It is serious if you say ‘look what a beautiful girl … look at what a beautiful pair of … that girl has … or look at what beautiful butt that girl has? ”. Recalling that in Rimini there were “500 thousand Alpini”, the mayor concluded: “Making these controversies means hurting everything”. The senator dem replied to him Tatjana Rojcwho spoke of caveman style, modeled on “Wilma, give me the club”.

Speaking of the feminists of Not one less, Dipiazza defined them as “scum”. The activists, while not wanting to comment directly on the mayor’s words, intervened to reiterate the concept expressed yesterday on the fact that “The culture and society we live in are profoundly sexist and patriarchal”, and that “machismo is breathed in every area of ​​life from birth, it is part of the education that people receive in this country.” For NonUnaDiMeno, “the denunciation of the undeniable gender-based violence that took place during the Gathering of the Alpini and supported by many testimonies, also relating to previous gatherings, creates so much division and is perceived as a threat”. Even because “we are not looking for a single culprit but we are making a systemic discourse. To this, in fact, there are many other testimonies of sexual violence that numerous women in Italy in contexts of major events and beyond are undergoing “. The “autonomous transfeminist collectives are the only ones who have immediately collected and reported this violence” and those who are part of it “are undergoing stigmatization and intimidation for the work of emergence and support for the victims of these facts”, writes the Rimini section of the association one week after the Rimini Gathering. And they conclude: “We are told that the 168 million revenues brought in by the Gathering should be a reason for silence”.

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