Roberta Franco, Camila Queiroz’s double on TV, is a bikini fan and has lived abroad. Photos!

Camila Queiroz’s stuntman on TV accumulates bikini photos on the web

In her curriculum, Roberta accumulates work for brands such as Osklen, A.Brand, Maria Filó, Farm and Lenny Niemeyer, in addition to Magalu. Some scenes with the newcomer replacing Camila were shot earlier this week, but Klebber Toledo’s wife will be seen in some sequences that had been shot earlier.

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On her Instagram, the newcomer has almost 13 thousand followers. And it is followed by names like Agatha Moreira (her co-star), Geraldo Luís, Isabella Santoni, Joana Borges, Cássia Sanches (who starred in “Genesis”) and Valentina Bulc. In her personal life, she dates the businessman in the gastronomic business João Laborne.

With more than 1,270 posts on that social network, Roberta doesn’t do without photos in a bikini, behind-the-scenes images of her work and leisure time. Passionate about dogs, wine, cappuccino coffee, horses and destroyed jeans, the newcomer also shows a talent for music – she is a keyboard player. Check it out in our gallery!

Globo backed off and Camila Queiroz will be on ‘Amigo Hidden’

The Rio station has gone back and will keep the actress in the traditional exchange of gifts on “Fantástico”. This was because part of the recordings had already been done. In it, the protagonist of the plot of Walcyr Carrasco drew a person and was drawn by another, which must be Juliette.

Globo also denied that Camila would have her scenes raffled from the year-end vignette, since the Angel/Arlete interpreter didn’t even record the celebration. On the other hand, the network climbed the horses from “Fantastic” to the compiled.

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