Robert Trajkovich, the alleged murderer knew the 17-year-old victim. The prosecutor will ask for pre-trial detention in prison

Investigations into the murder of Robert Trajkovich, the 17 year old strangled in the basement of a guest house in Trieste on the night between 7 and 8 January. New witnesses have been heard by the police: many are friends of the victim and the alleged murderer, a 21-year-old who works as a cook. From the investigations, and from the words released by the mother to Corriere della Sera, it emerged that they knew each other and according to the first testimonies they were very close friends. “He was like a son to us“, He told al Courier service the woman of Lebanese origin after having testified to the carabinieri of Trieste. With her her husband, of Moroccan origin, who said: “I’m sorry for the boy and his family”. The family has lived in Trieste for some time, like the victim’s Serbian family.

The chief prosecutor of Trieste, Antonio De Nicolo, said in a note that “a file will be opened for voluntary homicide and the preliminary investigation judge will be asked to validate the stopped, to which the young self-confessed author of the murder was subjected, and will ask for it to be submitted to the pre-trial detention in prison“. However, it is not excluded that the investigations will be widened, given that the carabinieri are working to discover the role of another underage, of Romanian origin. Among the reasons for the clash between the two boys, according to the version provided by the first testimonies, there would have been the relationship between the 17-year-old and a 22-year-old girl who in the past had been engaged to the alleged murderer. The two had already clashed before this weekend: “He had already slapped him“Declared the mother of a friend of the two boys.

Robert Trajkovich’s body was found after one day, on the evening of Saturday 8 January. The parents had launched an appeal on Facebook: “We are worried, Robert is disappeared since yesterday, if anyone knows something, write “. When the body was discovered, the first to speak was the father, Peter Trajkovic, who stated: “Robert had a date with his girlfriend. Her ex boyfriend was jealous. He ambushed him“. Chief Prosecutor De Nicolo stated that theautopsy on the victim’s body will be assigned the January 13 to the coroner and a radiologist by the deputy attorney doctor Lucia Baldovin, holder of the procedure.

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