Robert Pattinson doesn’t like to dance: "I had one of my biggest panic attacks at a party"

Actor Robert Pattinson has said he was convinced he was over his phobia of dancing, but a very negative experience at a party proved otherwise.

Robert Pattinson revealed that he could not overcome one of his biggest fears and to have had a panic attack during a party.
The Batman star fails to danceespecially in front of a camera, but he was convinced he had overcome his particular phobia.

Berlin 2018: a shot by Robert Pattinson at the Damsel photocall

Berlin 2018: a shot by Robert Pattinson at the Damsel photocall

In a recent interview with ES MagazineRobert Pattinson recalled that he hoped filming a Dior perfume commercial, in which he indulges in some dance moves, would help him overcome his mental blocks.
The promotional video showed him dancing alone under a spotlight, separated from the crowd. The actor admitted: “I thought I broke my curse when I shot that scene. But then I went to a party a few weeks later thinking I was like Billy Elliot, and as soon as I stepped onto the dance floor I had one of the biggest panic attacks of my life.“.

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Pattinson pointed out: “You know when you think you’re that guy and then suddenly you’re brutally humiliated? Yeah, it felt like my dad just caught me driving a stolen car. I was petrified. I think I walked out of the party after that“.

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