Robbie Williams: Will he sell skin care products soon?

Robbie Williams
Will he be selling skin care products soon?

Is Robbie Williams aiming for a second career?

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Apparently, the stage is no longer enough for singer Robbie Williams. According to media reports, he should establish a second mainstay.

Robbie Williams (48) is said to be trying to conquer the beauty industry with his own skin care line. As reported by The Sun, the entertainer plans to launch facial cleansers, serums, moisturizers and fragrances under the name “Hopeium”. He has already had the name protected.

A source told the British newspaper: “Robbie has always had the mentality of reaching for the stars. He’s willing to try anything. He likes to keep busy. And this new project is something he can really throw himself into .”

New album and biopic

However, Robbie Williams cannot complain about too little work. The former Take That member is celebrating 25 years as a solo artist with a new album. “XXV” (Roman 25) appears on September 9th. It will feature “countless number one hits and fan favorites,” according to an announcement. The brand new song “Lost” is also on the record. The deluxe version of the album will include more tracks.

Williams will be touring the UK and Ireland with XXV this fall. He will give a foretaste of the tour on August 27 at an open-air concert in Munich. It should be one of the biggest German concerts of his career so far.

In addition, the filming of the film “Better Man” is underway. Directed by director Michael Gracey, the biopic follows Robbie Williams’ career. “Hopefully the story will explain who, what and why I am,” the singer was quoted as saying in March by “Mirror”.


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