Robbie Williams’ wife reveals: ‘The children have wiped out our sex life’

Robbie Williams has made many concertgoers squeal when he has stood on stage and sung hits such as ‘Angels’ and ‘Feel’.

But one place that doesn’t make much noise these days is in Robbie Williams’ bedroom.

His wife, Ayda Williams, has revealed this in her podcast ‘Postcards from the Edge’, writes Daily Mail.

Their sex life is completely dead, and they can thank their children for that.

“Our sex life has been wiped out by four children,” she explains.

She elaborates that the bedroom was once a place they used to satisfy physical needs, but now the only physical need to be satisfied is their lack of sleep.

But even that can be difficult enough for Ayda Williams, because her pop star husband has a tendency to snore.

“Sometimes I kick him or push with my leg, but then he immediately gets going again. Sleep can put me right on edge, because there’s so little of it possible, and you know you’ve got the kids in the morning.’

She says that she has friends who sleep in a different room from their husbands, but she does not want to use that solution herself.

“I just think: ‘God, no, we’re officially roommates.’ We might as well be brother and sister.”

Robbie and Ayda Williams were married in 2010.

They have daughters Theodora and Colette and sons Charlton and Beau together.

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