Robbie Williams’ wife comments, on podcast, that the couple’s sex life is in jeopardy "completely dead"

the wife of Robbie Williamsthe actress Aida Fieldmade a revelation recently on his podcast, “Postcards from the Edge“, that her sex life with the singer is “completely dead” after 12 years of marriage. The 43-year-old actress, who lives in a mansion with the British singer, thinks that the double bedroom is looking like “more of a joint office than than a space of physical intimacy”.

“When there was romance, when that happened, yes – there was a place to sleep together just out of physical necessity. But now that’s completely dead. It’s been destroyed by four kids,” said the artist, commenting on her children.

“There’s really no need to go to bed at the same time. It’s just a co-working space now,” Field continued. “I might as well make the bed a Ping-Pong table, and we could play a game every now and then. And then we’d turn to other corners to sleep.”

Robbie Williams’ wife opens up about her intimate life

In addition to the interference of her four young children, in moments of intimacy, the American artist points out that it bothers her to sleep next to her husband in some situations: “Rob snores, which did not happen at first. Sometimes, I kind of hit him with my leg; I push. Sometimes it works, but then it does it again”.

“Sleep really pushes me over the edge because there’s so little sleep available; and you know you have the kids in the morning,” the actress added during her rant. She even addressed the possibility of sleeping in a separate room from Robbie on the podcast – a habit that some of her married friends have already adopted. “But then I’m like, ‘God, then we would officially just be roommates. Then we could be brother and sister,'” she pointed out.

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