Road users and drivers are afraid: Frost and the first snow are coming

Unpopular weather for adults, joyful for children. While some are waiting for a series of difficult situations on the roads, others are getting ready to build snowmen and slide down snow-covered slopes. “Almost the entire republic will see it this weekend. Already on Friday, we will take the first imaginary step into winter,” says meteorologist Dagmar Honsová. The traditional readiness test also awaits Czech road drivers. “We will very often encounter ice on the roads and sidewalks,” warns Honsová. We have to be careful especially in the morning and night hours. In addition, we will not see a more significant warming even in the first half of next week.

how will it be

TODAY: cloudy to cloudy, snow showers in the afternoon, some ice. Day 0 to 7 °C.

TOMORROW: cloudy, rain in the lowlands, snow from the middle positions. Night -7 to 0 °C, day -2 to 2 °C.

SUNDAY: cloudy to partly cloudy, isolated rain and snow. Night -6 to -2 °C, day -1 to 3 °C.

MONDAY: cloudy to cloudy with some showers. Night -5 to -1 °C, day 1 to 5 °C.

TUESDAY: cloudy, sometimes rain or snow. Night -4 to 0 °C, day 1 to 5 °C.

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