RM’s INDIGO Dropped New Retro-Style Teaser Photos

The first week of December, INDIGO is released, the album that will mark the solo debut of RM from BTS. Now, new concept photos for the album have been revealed and ARMY absolutely loved them. You want to see them?

MRI of BTS will debut as a soloist next week and will do so with the album INDIGO. For its release, the idol shared a series of teaser photos with a striking style, where you can see the rapper relaxed in a room.

BTS’s RM will make his solo debut with the album INDIGO. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

ARMY remains proud of the individual achievements of each of the members of bts. Now that they have started to focus on their solo careers, they can’t wait to see all the surprises that idols have in store for their loyal fans.

So far, only two BTS members have made their official solo debut, the first being J-Hope with the hit Jack in the Box, the second being Jin with a moving single called The Astronaut. How will INDIGO of MRI?

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RM posed from a nearly empty room for INDIGO’s teasers

Through the official account of Big Hit Entertainment, RM’s new teasers for INDIGO, his first solo album. A series of photos with a different concept from previous advances, which caught ARMY’s attention a lot.

The first teasers of INDIGO they were filled with blue. So the new teasers caused a furor because the blue color is conspicuous by its absence. Each of the photos is filled with various shades of coffee, giving it a retro and vintage look.

Photo preview for RM’s INDIGO. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

In the Photos can be seen to MRI in the middle of a room, while the sun’s rays filter through a window. Very similar to the well-known ‘golden hour’ that occurs when the sky turns a golden and reddish hue at sunset, these advances They are full of these colors.

Photo preview for RM’s INDIGO. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

Besides that, you can see MRI looking at the camera or resting distracted in some chairs or leaning against the wall, while letting the sunlight bathe his face. Her look is understated in each of the photos, so fans can expect a calm, mature concept, maybe a ballad album? What would you like to hear?

Photo preview for RM’s INDIGO. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

Photo preview for RM’s INDIGO. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

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RM’s INDIGO album will be released on December 2

BTS’s RM’s first solo album called INDIGO will be released on December 2 at 2:00 p.m. (KST). So far, the number of tracks that it will include and what the title of the main song of the album will be has not been revealed. However, ARMY is very excited for its premiere. Do you already have it scheduled?

In other news, RM is planning to hold a concert to celebrate the release of INDIGO. This is what you should know about his first solo concert.

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