RM will have his first solo concert to celebrate INDIGO

Next week, INDIGO, RM’s first solo album from BTS, will be released. This release has caused quite a stir among the fandom, especially after learning that the idol will be holding an exclusive concert to celebrate the release of the album. What is known up to the time of the event?

MRI of BTS will release the first week of December the album INDIGO. Her first album as a soloist. And to celebrate the premiere, the idol will give a concert exclusive where only 200 people will be able to enter to see it. This is what is known about the expected show.

BTS’s RM will hold a concert for the release of INDIGO. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

The members of BTS never cease to amaze with their solo careers. In the middle of the year J-Hope released Jack in the Box and performed at Lollapalooza. Just a month ago, Jin premiered The Astronaut and presented it in Argentina together with Coldplay. Now, MRI plans to give his first solo concert on INDIGO.

INDIGO It will be a different album from his previous mixtapes, RM assured in a live broadcast, mentioning that since his mixtapes were written in another period of his life, his new album will show a RM with different and more mature thoughts.

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RM will hold a concert for the premiere of INDIGO and the tickets will be given randomly

Through a statement, Big Hit Entertainment informed about the plans that RM has prepared for the promotions of INDIGOhis first solo album and among those plans is a special concert.

RM’s concert for the release of INDIGO it will be on a small scale and only 200 people may be present. If it was hard to get a ticket for Yet to Come THE CITY in Busan, how will it be for your solo concert? The company informed that the tickets will be assigned and ‘won’ by a lottery system, so it will be mere luck to get a ticket for their concert.

It will be BTS’s RM’s first solo concert. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

In addition to that, some rumors suggest that the entry of cameras, cell phones, banners and even ARMY Bombs will be prohibited and that it is expected that none will appear event recording. Therefore, some fans suspect that the concert will be recorded and will include exclusive material that ARMY will be able to enjoy shortly after.

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When will BTS’s RM solo concert be?

the concert of MRI of BTS for the release of INDIGO will be the December 5th at 8:00 p.m. (KST). While the album’s premiere is scheduled for December 2, 3 days before his first solo concert. Do you think fans around the world will be able to see what happened at the concert afterwards?

In other news, RM is currently in New York and enjoyed the city for a bit, have you seen his photos yet?

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