RM was close to a girl who is now the envy of ARMY

The members of BTS are not only known for their talent, but also for their nice personalities and that’s why every ARMY would love to meet them. We told you about a girl who was able to briefly chat with RM.

Meeting a celebrity by chance is not something that happens every day, no matter where you are in the world, we must admit that it is not an event that is experienced frequently or easily. Can you imagine what it’s like to meet a world-class star like the members of BTS?

That happened to a girl who, while going about her daily routine, got a big surprise when she met RM. She took it upon herself to reveal the details of her encounter with namjoon and even got his autograph, how did it happen?

The person in the story explained that the K-Pop idol was probably in the area touring the Whanki Museum, since the place currently houses its 30th anniversary exhibition, but at the least expected moment the idol appeared in front of her.

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RM visits a coffee shop and a girl managed to meet him in person

A girl shared on social media that she had taken her dogs for a walk and then went to take a break at Café Stammtisch. She went about her routine and enjoyed a drink, but when she least expected it she saw MR come over and sit a short distance away while sipping tea.

The person in the story clarified that because there were many people, surely no one else had seen him to the point of recognizing who he was, but she, who saw him arrive, only pretended not to recognize him at first, but warned him by means of a text message to the place owner.

RM visits a coffee shop. | Source: Instagram @namjoon.bighitmusic

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RM’s autograph will be the best birthday present for an ARMY

This girl added that when Namjoon was on his way out, the cafe owner approached the K-Pop singer to ask for a drink. autographso she took courage and did the same, because she has a friend who is a big fan of BTS and it will be her birthday soon.

It was so that RM dedicated a signature to the ARMY whose birthday is only a few days away and we are sure that this will be an incomparable gift.

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