RM is reading a book that he loved and impressed, what is it?

One of the BTS members who has shown the most fascination for art and literature is RM. The leader of the group constantly shares with his fans photos of him going to museums and what he is reading. His most recent book made a big impression on him, why?

MRI from bts He is currently readingI want to write, but I don’t want to write‘, a Korean book that is a collection of 9 stories by different authors about the complications of writing. And one of the stories seemed to have more meaning for the idol.

RM is a big fan of the books. // Source: Instagram @rkive

RM is a huge fan of literature and has consistently shown it to his fans. The idol has not tired of sharing new recommendations with his followers, who soon want to read and know what caught the attention of his idol.

And books represent a special way of capturing readers, who come to feel identified or attracted by certain content. As happened with RM, who did not hesitate to share fragments of the new story that she is reading.

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RM shared on Instagram excerpts from the book ‘I want to write, but I don’t want to write’

Through six Instagram stories, BTS’s RM shared one of the stories featured in the book ‘I want to write, but I don’t want to write’. In the first part, the idol shared a photo of the page along with an emoji of a smiling and crying face.

The translation of the history that RM shared is sad and talks about the pain and loneliness that many can experience when pursuing what they most desire. Within her stories, RM shared messages like ‘every word is…’ and ‘same story’. Perhaps identifying with each of the author’s words. You can read a fragment of his stories translated here:

It was my right to create an escape from my anxiety in a place where you can be without actually having to cross the river. The right to be a little more comfortable, the right to feel happy often. Those thoughts are my problem. That (things done with) ease will not be recognized. That only the difficult ones are real. (…) You eventually avoid people who make you feel small. Be it your love, your friends or even your parents. And then you will have to change your true self. Just like you have to recognize and get rid of your fantasies about love in order to continue loving.

Instagram story shared by RM. // Source: Instagram @rkive

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What is ‘I want to write, but I don’t want to write’ about?

‘I want to write, but I don’t want to write’ is a Korean compilation book by nine different authors and has nine stories. Among the authors are writers, screenwriters and singers who have a common goal ‘writing’. The book portrays the complications that artists can experience when they must write but have no inspiration or motivation to do so. He talks about the creative blocks that many people face.

Cover of ‘I want to write, but I don’t want to write’. // Source: Twitter @vminiecats

The book is currently only in Korean. However, with RM’s recommendation and the increase in demand, it is likely that the book will start to be translated into other languages ​​soon, do you want to read it?

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