RM from BTS is already in New York and went out to tour the city

After arriving in New York, RM made sure to share with fans a bit of what he is living in that American city and showed how happy he is to visit the Big Apple again.

Yesterday it was announced that namjoon of BTS was at the Incheon Airport, where he greeted fans waiting to see him. This K-Pop idol took a flight to New York and hours later we found out that MRI had landed.

Now army You can be sure that RM is enjoying this trip to the fullest and that he is in the middle of an adventure that excited him from the beginning, because no one like this idol to tell us how good it feels to be in that city.

The leader of bts He shared new photos with his fans and just read the message he wrote in the description to know how happy he feels there:

It feels good to be back

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RM took a walk through New York and shared photos with ARMY

Although RM has been to New York several times, this time he is enjoying The big Apple in a special way, because it seems that he has had free time to go for a walk and visit different places like a real tourist.

RM is on a trip to New York. | Source: Instagram @rkive

Some of Namjoon’s stills reveal that he was visiting an art museum…

RM is on a trip to New York. | Source: Instagram @rkive

But he also took a breather in the middle of a park full of fascinating views and even got to see the ducks in the lake.

RM is on a trip to New York. | Source: Instagram @rkive

There is no doubt that this boy is taking advantage of every moment, since shortly after landing he has already carried out various activities and visited different places.

RM is on a trip to New York. | source: Instagram @rkive

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Why did RM from BTS travel to New York?

It is not clear what the purpose of RM’s trip to NYC is, so it is difficult to determine if he has an agenda to fulfill there or if it is a trip for rest and adventure.

However, since the solo album of RM called INDIGO is about to be released, some fans suspect that maybe he will film some shows to promote it, but none of that is confirmed and so far it is just speculation.

On the other hand, we tell you that the BLACKPINK girls had a party in Los Angeles after their last concert there.

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