Riverdale season 6: the showrunner confirms the death of spoiler

Riverdale fans find it hard to believe it. This Tuesday, November 16, the Season Premiere of Season 6 of Riverdale aired on the CW. After long weeks of absence, Archie and his gang made their comeback and the twists and turns were there. Betty was determined to spend the rest of her life alongside Archie and the young couple even planned to start a family. Unfortunately, Alice’s daughter found out that she was having problems with infertility. And if she proposed to Archie to adopt a child, she finally found the solution in the last minutes from episode 1 of season 6 of Riverdale. She got pregnant thanks to Archie’s sacrifice …

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Archie is dead … – Credit (s): The CW

Towards the end of this already wacky Season 5 Season Premiere of Riverdale, Cheryl’s new growing cult has called for a sacrifice. Viewers watched Cheryl stab Archie and rip his heart out, but is he really dead? When Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa spoke about everything related to this event “Rivervale”, including this twisted murder, with THAT ONE, the showrunner said: “I can tell Archie is dead. In Episode 2, the city doesn’t really mourn him because they killed him, but the city knows they sacrificed Archie. There’s actually a scene where Cheryl and Nana toast Archie’s sacrifice because now their maple trees are producing maple syrup again..”

All of these things are true

The showrunner of Riverdale also continued: “And Betty is pregnant with Archie’s child. And we won’t see KJ in the next episode. “ In conclusion, he said: “All of these things are true. “The confidences of the showrunners are quite disturbing, But it’s possible that Archie just died for this five-episode event and be alive when Riverdale returns mid-season. Nonetheless, with the Season 5 bombshell dropped on viewers, it’s hard to say how things will turn out even when we return to the hometown. This season 6 of Riverdale is most mysterious!

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