Riverdale season 6: episode 1, is spoiler really dead?

Fans have been looking forward to this moment. After a few weeks of absence, season 6 of Riverdale finally landed on the CW and as much to say that this Season Premiere was … bloody. As we know, the first five episodes are considered an exceptional event that will finally allow a crossover with Sabrina Spellman. If Kiernan Shipka was unfortunately not yet present in this Season Premiere of season 6 of Riverdale, our attention was focused on a completely different twist. In the last seconds of “Welcome To Rivervale”, an iconic character was stabbed by Cheryl Blossom… But then, is he really dead?

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Is Archie dead? – Credit (s): The CW

This Season Premiere of Season 6 of Riverdale was nothing surprising, nor intense. The dark, deadly and above all absurd atmosphere was still present. In “Welcome To Riverdale“, Betty and Archie were determined to become parents in the near future, but the young woman is reportedly facing infertility issues. Nonetheless, she supposedly managed to get pregnant through a ritual. directed by Cheryl and “his sect”. However, for the pregnancy to go to term, and for the tree that produces maple syrup to be saved, there had to be a sacrifice … And of course, it was the child’s father, Archie, who has a “pure heart”.

The narrator !
The narrator ! – Credit (s): The CW

R.I.P Archie ?

In the dying seconds of this first episode of Season 6 of Riverdale, Cheryl, surrounded by all the inhabitants of Riverdale, came to the end of her ritual by stabbing Archie. She then ripped his heart out. And if the episode ended thus, with Jughead serving as the narrator to announce the death of Archie Andrews, it is doubtful that the young man is actually dead. It must have been a nightmare since he was sleeping when he got a call from Kevin for “sauver BettyAlso, all of the other characters were victims of terrible nightmares throughout the episode. In any case, we are convinced that this was not the final episode of KJ Apa in RiverdaleAnd if, in a worst-case scenario, Archie is indeed dead, the arrival of the witch, Sabrina Spellman, could perhaps be a game-changer. For the moment, the mystery remains unsolved!

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