Rita Pereira recalls the controversy with Fernando Daniel: “I don’t accept people calling me names”

Rita Pereira was the guest of Pedro Ribeiro and Rita Rugeroni on the podcast “You must have a can”, and left nothing unsaid.

The actress reacted and answered all the questions that were asked to her, whether from fans or haters, as is usual in the broadcasters’ program.

It was then that, at a certain point, Rita Pereiras ended up talking about the controversy with singer Fernando Daniel, who criticized one of the observations that the actress made as a judge on the TVI program, All Together Now.

Remember what happened here: Criticism of Rita Pereira? Fernando Daniel shoots: “Being upfront is one thing, being rude is another”

Confronted by the couple about the situation, Rita Pereira revealed that at the time she called Fernando Daniel to question him about the words about her:

“I already answered you. Do you think I would keep silent about that?”, begins by explaining, revealing that there was an exchange of messages between the two, but that it was not very productive as they continued to disagree on the matter: “We exchanged several messages about it he kept not agreeing with me and I’m ok, fine.”, account.

Rita Pereira also confessed that she does not admit that they speak and call her names the way the singer did, explaining what really happened in that episode, accusing Fernando Daniel of having offended her without knowing what had really happened: “I don’t admit that they call me those names and that it’s just like that for the air….Then there’s this one, is that he hasn’t seen the show since the beginning… and then there are the editing cuts.”, he begins by explaining, eventually revealing that the candidate in question has never heard his comments.

“In my place I’m 500 meters away from him and I have my microphone, for us and for the production not for him… it seems he was listening and he started crying because of what I said…”

You can see the moment in the 14 minute video:

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