Risk of severe thunderstorms in France: 5 departments on orange alert, 82 in yellow, "strong accumulations" expected

Météo France has just placed five new departments on orange alert for a risk of thunderstorms. 82 others are still placed on yellow alert for these intense phenomena. Locally, “strong localized rainfall accumulations” are expected.

After the heat wave, continued unstable weather in France. The services of Météo France alert this Wednesday, June 22, 2022 on a risk of violent storms in a major part of France. Locally violent phenomena are expected in the next few hours. Point position.

Storms: 82 departments in yellow, 5 in orange

Vigilance is required in the targeted departments.
Meteo France

5 departments are placed in orange vigilance to storms. To know, Indre-et-Loire, Maine-et-Loire, Sarthe, Mayenne and finally Ille-et-Vilaine. Elsewhere, 82 departments are still placed on yellow alert for the same reason. Otherwise, Ardèche and Drôme are placed in yellow vigilance “rain flood”.

What to expect ?

Météo France speaks in its news bulletin of a “strongly stormy situation” where locally “strong accumulations of rain” could occur. Currently, “stormy showers are developing” in these territories.

“The storms will be characterized locally by strong rain intensities” with sometimes “up to 30 millimeters possible in one hour.” There is also a risk of parking storm cells. “Strong accumulations of rain” may occur with locally between 50 and 70 millimeters.

Hail could reappear in the areas concerned, as could the wind with peaks “that can exceed 60 km / h”. Vigilance is key.

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