Rip along the edges, on Netflix streaming today

Rip along the edges, the animated series written and directed by Zerocalcare, finally lands on Netflix in streaming starting today, November 17, 2021!

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Tear off along the edges, the Italian animation series written and directed by Zerocalcare, pseudonym of the famous Italian cartoonist Michele Rech, has just been made available in streaming its Netflix, after being presented at the Rome Film Fest.

Produced by Movimenti Production in collaboration with BAO Publishing, Strappare along the edges, consisting of 6 episodes of about 15 minutes each, is the first animated series of Zerocalcare and will be set in the author’s now well-known narrative universe. Zerocalcare took care of every detail, even the soundtrack, regarding which he declared: “I may have chosen a soundtrack a bit boomer, but these are songs that have accompanied me throughout my life. The Movimenti animation team really built entire scenes around the songs I had chosen, to build a fluid and interdependent narrative made of music and images. The result I like a bang.”

Tear along the edges – a series image

The synopsis of the series reads: “In a story full of flashbacks and anecdotes ranging from his childhood to the present day, Zerocalcare takes a train journey with Sarah and Secco, old friends, towards something very difficult to do. Everything, from the memories of the school years to the existential lamentations towards his own incompleteness, is narrated with the voice of Zerocalcare, who dubbed all the characters, except the armadillo, who has the voice of Valerio Mastandrea. It is with this stratagem that each chapter of history seems to construct a piece of a world made up of very few certainties and unshakable friendships. And when all the pieces are in place at the end, the mosaic they have built will be a surprise for the viewer, but also for the protagonist..”

Tearing along the edges is just the latest of many novelties in the catalog in November 2021 on Netflix, which again this month has made available to users new awaited TV series, memorable sagas and great cult.

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