“Right to abortion in the Constitution”, the first yes of the French National Assembly after an agreement between macronists and France Insoumise

The French National Assembly, the lower house of parliament, approved the inclusion of the right to abortion in the Constitution. This is the first step of a long and uncertain legislative battletriggered by the decline in abortion rights in the United States. The measure was approved by theNational assembly with 337 votes in favor and 32 against and now needs a majority in the upper house, al Senate and finally the approval of citizenship through a national referendum. The Senate, where the conservative Republican party has a majority, rejected a similar proposal in September, arguing the measure is unnecessary because abortion rights are not threatened in France. The French Minister of Justice, Éric Dupond-Morettisaid he was “confident” that some senators could change their minds and form a majority in favor of the law.

Despite the right-wing and far-right stonewalling, with the presentation of hundreds of amendments, the version of the text shared by the left and by the macronist camp was largely approved in the middle of the day. The wording, which modifies the initial text presented in recent days by France Insoumise (radical gauche, LFI), proposes to insert the following mention in article 66 of the Constitution: “The law guarantees the effectiveness and equal access to the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy” (IVG). Therefore, the mention of the right to “contraception” included in the first formulation presented to the commission by the ‘Insoumis’ is excluded.

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