Right ahead in the big cities. Tommasi on the counterattack

The center-right wins or is ahead in the largest and most important cities and pays dearly for internal divisions, to the point of encountering unexpected flops such as Verona. The center-right, according to the exit polls of the municipal elections 2022is victorious, already in the first round, in the two largest and most important regional capitals, Genoa (Liguria) and Palermo (Sicily), also thanks to a special electoral system which, in the Sicilian capital, assigns the victory to those who obtain 40% of the votes. In addition, he also touches the coup in L’Aquila (Abruzzo), where he goes to the ballot, but far ahead: an almost certain victory in any case even here. Sure the ballot for the center-right in front of the center-left in the fourth regional capital, Catanzaro (Calabria), where he pays the internal divisions, and in the two important capitals of Verona and Parma where, however, the center-left will be largely favored.

Roberto Lagalla, Damiano Tommasi and Marco Bucci
Roberto Lagalla, Damiano Tommasi and Marco Bucci

TO Parma it was foreseeable that the center-left will see ahead, but the result of Verona with the center-left in the lead and also by a lot of the center-right divided in two (and it is not yet known who between Sboarina and Tosi will challenge Tommasi), is sensational and indicates how much all errors cost of a divided and quarrelsome center-right. It will then be necessary to see, but we will only know today, of the list votes and of a competition between Lega and Fd’I that was tightened to the end with the Meloni party that wanted to become the first national party (on the Pd, albeit slightly ) and certainly the first party of the center-right, especially in the municipalities of the north while the League’s list votes seemed to be in free fall. But two important candidates for mayors of Fd’i (Bocchi in Parma, 6-8% and Ferro, 7-9%) are only fourth, they do not shine. On the other hand, the Democratic Party will collect more than the six outgoing mayors of 2016 out of 26 capitals while the M5s is, in many cases, not received as a list.

In Genoa and Palermo moderate candidates win (Marco Bucci with 51-55% and Roberto Lagalla with 43-47%, in this second case it means victory in the first round) who are imposed on candidates who are very far to the left (Dello Strologo a Genoa with 36-40%, Miceli with just 27-31% in Palermo) occupying the entire space of the center, so much so that – both with the symbol and without – the Renzian and Action candidates (only in Genoa, however, in Palermo, for Action that gets a good result with the third placed, Ferrandelli, between 15 and 19%) contribute to the success of the rights. Two dry defeats, for the center-left, just like that of Aquila, with the super-left candidate Pezzopane in a historically moderate city, where the center-right wins with Biondi (49-53%) leaving the center left at the post (only 23-27 %). In Parma and Verona, on the other hand, where the ballot takes place, the center-right pays its internal divisions and the candidates lined up against each other, but also good candidates from the opposing front. In Parma the center-left is clearly ahead with Guerra (former councilor of Pizzarotti) at 40-44%, but FdI did not support the Lega and FI candidate, Pietro Vignali (who must be satisfied with a measly 19-23%), and presented alone, with Priamo Bocchi, also outclassed by the centrist of Action Dario Costi (third at 10-14%), facilitating the run-up of the center.

In a historically right-wing city like Verona something sensational happens: the center-left, historically weak in the city, with a former national football player (Damiano Tommasi) reaches 37-41% in the lead for the future ballot while the divisions penalize, indeed pulverize the center-right: the strong candidate of FdI , Federico Sboarina, although supported by the League and centrists, collects just 27-31% and, at present, it is not known whether he will go to the ballot, weakened by the list led by the former Northern League player Flavio Tosi, supported by FI as well as by Iv , which stops at 27-31%: it will be necessary to see which of the two candidates will have to decide to give their votes to the other. Finally, even in Catanzaro the center-right is forced to run the ballot with Valerio Donato (40-44%, a former dem, however), favoring the comeback of the center-left candidate, Nicola Fiorita (31-35%) while the centrist Talerico is third. (13-17%): he will make his votes weigh in the ballot.

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