“Rigged contracts in the transport of organs”: after the revocation of the house arrest, the arrested manager returns to lead the ecclesiastical structure

He returned to work a few days after returning to the wild Vitangelo Dattoli, the former CEO of the Ospedali Riuniti of Foggia, who ended up under house arrest last December 13 in the investigation into the auction disruption of millionaire contracts for helicopter rescue and organ transport. At the end of December, the review court had revoked the precautionary measure due to lack of precautionary requirements, but confirming towards him the grave indications of guilt collected by the Foggia prosecutor and Financial Police of Bari: a decision also matured on the basis of resignation presented by Dattoli from the role held in the dauna structure. At that point, however, Dattoli did not return free only in the judicial sense, but also for work: after the experience in Foggia, he therefore asked for the reintegration in the “Miulli” hospital, an ecclesiastical structure of excellence ad Acquaviva delle Fonti. in the Bari area, from which it was in expectation for some time due to the numerous public offices he had held.

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Miulli then initiated the reintegration procedure and entrusted Dattoli with the role of director sanitary. The story sparked controversy on which the ecclesiastical body intervened with a note in which it specified that Dattoli is an employee of the hospital “where he held the role of Director of the Detached Deans” and adding that “since September 2002 he has benefited from leave periods in relation to the multiple positions held within the healthcare realities of Puglia region, leave interrupted with the recent resignation of the position of general manager of the PolyclinicReuniti Hospital‘of Foggia. Having to select – the note continues – the new Medical Director of Miulli, as usual, the General Management of the Acquaviva hospital sought within its staff the appropriate professionalism to cover this role, identifying it in the figure of proven experience of Dr. . Dattoli. The Miulli organization is therefore proceeding with the appointment of dr. Dattoli as Medical Director, with whom the service relationship had already been restored in the meantime “. In short, the arrest and the accusations did not have any deterrent effect for the Bari hospital.

Miulli consulted by ilfattoquotidiano.it he made it known through his press office that “they have not been recognized reasons of expediency to stop replenishment. Doctor Dattoli returns to Miulli in his own role, that of Health Director, moreover at a time when there is a need for a figure who covers that position of considerable importance “.

Yet in the investigation documents collected by the yellow flames led by the colonel Luca Cioffi, there was no lack of elements that, beyond the criminal aspects, could cause some problem of opportunity for the new medical director. Like the vacation photo at tremiti Islands with the entrepreneur Roberto Pucillo, also arrested in the investigation. In short, Dattoli remains with Miulli who in these days is grappling with a series of storms for events that do not even concern it directly. In recent days, in fact, in the investigation that led to the arrest of the former manager of the Civil protection of the Puglia Region, Mario Lerario, who ended up in prison last December 23, the financiers searched the home of a priest, a relative of the former manager. The religious is not being investigated in the investigation, but the investigators have sought confirmation of some elements collected in the course of the investigations that would also affect the religious. Furthermore, one of the entrepreneurs arrested for bribes paid to Lerario had tried to explain to prosecutors that those 20 thousand euros delivered to the former executive of the Civil protection, hidden inside a supply of prized meat, it was actually a gift to Lerario made without the manager’s knowledge. A gift that was used both to thank him for the work that had been entrusted to him and for the manager’s interest in the health conditions of his wife, who had had diagnostic tests carried out, thanks to a family member, right at Miulli.

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