Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman: COVID-19 cases at the wedding

On January 8, the wedding of Ricky montaner Y Stefi Roitman, one of the most beloved couples of the moment. The event was held in Exaltación de La Cruz, Argentina, maintaining great secrecy before, during and after the celebration.

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More of 200 people They were invited to the after party, but not everyone was able to enter. And it is that the couple made an effort to redouble security and keep those present out of danger, conducting Covid tests before entering the establishment.

Because the attendees were not allowed to record and take photos, there is very little material of what was that night; However, some ignored the family’s request and took the opportunity to share some videos and details of the opulent event.

Ricky Montaner and Stefi Roitman became spouses on January 8 (Photo: Ricardo Montaner / Instagram).


Carrying out a pandemic wedding is not an easy task, but the Montaner Rottman They did their best not to leave anyone out. The only requirement they requested was that the Covid test result be negative, something that would have ultimately prevented 8 people from entering.

In order not to contribute to the increase in cases of coronavirus, each guest was subjected to a swab from the car in which they were transported to the place and thus avoid contact with the rest as much as possible. In this way, celebrities, friends and relatives of the bride and groom were evaluated, while they waited to enter the venue, and with their hairstyles and dresses.


According to the medium Teleshow, a guest explained how the process was to enter the party:

“We would go in and they would swab you from the car. In my life they swabbed me as in the wedding. I came from abroad and they didn’t care about that PCR I had. Then with the car, with the car you would wait and they would approach the window and say ‘positive’ or ‘negative’. Negative, you stayed and entered, positive you had to go. When I arrived, after 4:00 pm, two people had tested positive, then there were six ”.


Despite the fact that the measure sought to take care of everyone present, there was a guest who was angered by the results and after testing positive tried to enter again. According to the statements of the panelist of , the woman who tested positive would be a very close friend of Marlene Rodríguez, Ricardo Montaner’s wife.

“The information that comes in is that he tested positive, they told him to leave and then he tried to re-enter”added Rafa July.

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