Rick and Morty: who will be the voices of the series after the dismissal of Justin Roiland

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Adult Swim removed one of its creators, Justin Roiland, from Rick and Morty after serious allegations against him. Who will be the protagonists?

© Getty/Adult SwimRick and Morty: who will be the voices of the series after the dismissal of Justin Roiland.

rick and morty is going through its most difficult hours as a production since its first broadcast in 2013, since it has been confirmed that the Adult Swim chain decided to fire justin roiland after the judicial scandal that is going through. This aroused the curiosity of the fans, since the co-creator was the interpreter of the voices of the protagonists. Who will take his place?

A few weeks ago, different US media reported that Roiland had been charged with one count of domestic assault with bodily harm and one count of false imprisonment for threat, violence, fraud or deception in Orange County, based on an event allegedly occurred in 2020 with a woman who has not been identified. Justin has pleaded not guilty and posted $50,000 bail to be released, but he will return to court in April.

+Who replaces Justin Roiland as the voices of Rick and Morty?

“Adult Swim has ended its association with Justin Roiland. Rick and Morty will follow. The talented and dedicated team is hard at work on Season 7”, was the official statement presented on social networks by the chain. At the moment it has not been confirmed who will take the voices of rick and mortybut it is confirmed that they will look for new actors.

The show has just wrapped up its sixth season, which is available on the HBO Max streaming service, and is in the middle of a massive 70-episode order ordered by Adult Swim in 2018. As reported, the show will continue to air. , but it will be a mystery to the public who will take the reins of the voices of the main characters.

For his part, justin roiland He must return to court on April 27, despite the statements of his lawyer, T. Edward Welbourn, mentioning that his defendant is innocent and that the matter must be dismissed as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the writer maintains contracts with other companies and what will happen has not been reported.

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