Rick and Morty solves one of its oldest mysteries

The Rick and Morty series is a huge hit for Adult Swin, which is currently airing its sixth season. The cartoon shows the crazy adventures of a scientist and a frightened boy.

After almost six full seasons, the series has finally managed to solve one of its oldest mysteries, something that fans have always been waiting for.

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🇧🇷Rick and Morty are back – more unlucky and frazzled than ever. Will they be able to recover to live more adventures? Or will they be swept away in an ocean of pee?”

One of the most popular animations today, Rick and Morty is a creation of Justin Holland and Dan Harmon.

Rick Prime is the real “Rickest Rick”

Justin Roiland, creator of the series, said that Rick Prime is scarier than Rick C-137, which is why he is called and “Rickest Rick”.

The term is used to say that Rick Prime manages to be so close to the original Rick. In the literal sense, it can mean a “Rick plus Rick” (via ScreenRant🇧🇷

“He’s certainly a scarier Rick. He is devoid of empathy. I feel like our Rick that we’re following has at least a little bit of that… This other Rick is devilish, super smart.”

Roiland even compared Rick Prime’s intelligence to C-137 Rick’s empathy, revealing that the two qualities cannot coexist without compromising one another.

As previously stated, Roiland explained the term he uses, and even hinted that there is nothing human about Rick Prime.

“What does that mean? The Rickest Rick is the definition of being the Rickest Rick, so yeah, there’s no humanity,” he said.

Still in the opening scene of the first episode, Rick was drunk and dragged Morty to help him assemble a device, before throwing up and passing out.

Rick has always been a manipulative character, always getting in Morty’s head to help him in his crazy inventions and adventures. That is, he doesn’t seem to have an ounce of humanity at times.

What must have contributed to Rick being like this was the death of his wife, a tragedy he doesn’t seem to have overcome within himself. He lost his wife to an alternate version of himself, with the original character being even more cynical.

Season five even confirmed that the other Ricks hate the main character for living with Beth, with them feeling ashamed of the original Rick.

However, in the second season, it can be said that the original Rick was the most Rick among all his versions, as he is willing to give up his life for others.

Therefore, the term may be misapplied by Roiland, who considers Rick Prime to be the most Ricky of them all, rather than the original.

In Brazil, Rick and Morty episodes are available in the catalogs of Netflix It’s from HBO Max🇧🇷 Season six returns on November 20.

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