Rick and Morty resumes its season 6: what happened in the last episode


The seventh episode of season 6 of Rick and Morty is coming and here we bring you a review of what has happened previously so that you are aware of the rest of the story.

Rick and Morty resumes its season 6: what happened in the last episode.
© Adult SwimRick and Morty resumes its season 6: what happened in the last episode.

rick and morty returned this year with its sixth season on September 4 and, as traditionally happens, they released one episode per week through the streaming service HBO Max. However, on October 9, after the broadcast of chapter 6, the production announced a pause on its networks until this Sunday, November 20, where they will resume the weekly premieres until the ten confirmed ones are completed. To help you remember everything that happened before, we bring you a summary for the most important.

“JuRicksic Mort” was the title chosen by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland for the sixth episode. It had the following synopsis: “Out of nowhere, Earth’s ancient rulers return, making a compelling argument about the need to change the way we do business. But Rick isn’t convinced at all”. In the first instance, the crack in the sky left by Evil Morty after escaping and Rick’s refusal to fix his portal gun is shown. But it all starts with a normal day in the city that is interrupted when flying objects start to appear, in a reference to the movie Arrival. Surprisingly, these are dinosaurs that return after thousands of years.

The dinosaurs meet reality: their species has become extinct and now the monkeys they saw at the time are the ones that rule the planet. Now, centuries later, they used their advanced technology to travel to distant corners of the galaxy helping other planets achieve peaceful development. However, they see that humanity has not made it and are ready to take action on the matter. After convincing the main leaders, they begin to work to improve the Earth. In a short period, they abolished work, produced food to end hunger, and solved all problems. But humans look for chaos and when there is nothing, they get bored, except Jerry who publishes a book called “Never try and you will never fail”.

The President of the United States approaches Rick to do something about the dinosaurs, but this doesn’t affect him as he is used to living without responsibilities. To accept, the scientist applies to be the next host of the Academy Awards, and when he is accepted he proposes a plan to get the visitors off Earth. Approaching the leaders, Rick presents himself as the brightest man alive and would be willing to share secrets of interdimensional travel.

However, they have a strict policy, as they have explored the multiverse and discovered that situations are likely to be abandoned when the going gets tough. As if it were a blow to Rick, the dinos offer to close the rift left by Evil Morty, telling him that his portal technology is faulty and even trying to give him an upgraded weapon. In this way, they demonstrated intellectual superiority to him in a matter of seconds.

Rick discovers that the dinosaurs were eliminated on all the planets, since where they have inhabited a meteorite fell that hit the territory and ended everyone’s life. While it is clear that they have the best intentions to improve humanity, on the other hand their evolution led them to seek balance by turning some creatures into rock-like forms that roam the galaxy wreaking havoc. The meteorites search for their enemy, the dinosaurs.

On Earth, the dinosaurs steal Jerry’s book and turn it into a manual for humanity to survive without problems. But, they do not give credit to the father of the family and he is again condemned to be behind the lights. At this, he develops a hatred for dinosaurs, but he won’t be alone, as Rick reveals that a screaming meteor is coming towards the planet and everyone rebels against the dinosaurs.

After devising a non-violent solution to the meteor situation, the dinosaurs leave Earth and thus the flying object is diverted as it will go against them. The planet returns to its old state with all kinds of problems, but Rick is happy to have defeated his new “enemies” with his rules. Now, the scientist intends to celebrate his victory at the 95th edition of the Oscars, despite learning that the visitors are now on Mars awaiting imminent death.

For this reason, Rick travels to Mars and tests his technology so that the dinosaurs cannot teleport him and states that he will wait for the meteorite with them. In this way, the scientist risks his life in order to prove his truth. Dinosaurs are sacrificing their lives due to high moral standards. In the end, they are both doing the same thing. Rick tells one of them to live their lives in peace accepting that they are above all else and they return the favor by fixing the interdimensional rift just to annoy him. There, he starts screaming, as he mentions that they could have extended it for “more episodes or seasons”. In this way, the problem generated by Evil Morty in the past seems to be solved and they would return to the classic adventures with the fix of the portal weapon.

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